User Experience Designer

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Fall 2016
NavGatr is a high fidelity prototype that allows Cornell Students with mobility impairments to know more about acessability points throughout campus
HCI Class Project
Just For You Travels
Client Based Website
Summer 2015
Just for you travels is a live website for a travel agency for the Amalfi coast region of Italy.

I am

I am currently attending Cornell University. I am an Information Science Major, with a minor in Communications and Technology, and Computer Science. I am a senior and will be graduating in the Spring of 2017. I am currently looking for a career in User Experience . Last summer, I had an internship as a software developer at Rocket Software, and the year before I had an IT internship at Energy Federation.

Some of my other hobbies are videogames, singing A Capella, and fitness. My passion for User Experience started with my love of Web Design and Development. My favorite part of the process was designing user interfaces that looked sleek and modern, while still following what the client wants. This sparked my intereste in what people find intuitive and the cognative motives that people subconsiously have. I am always amazed at how our subconcious biases inflence the way we interact with technology, and specifically computer interfaces.

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